Ariel Celestino

Ariel Celestino Hernandez, also known as “El Pintor De Las Curvas”, was born in Marianao, La Habana Cuba in 1974 and migrated to this country in 1999. He started drawing and painting at six years of age when he did a portrait of his teacher. When his teacher saw the portrait, she knew he would one day make art his career, as it was apparent that he was naturally gifted. He did his first art exposition in Cuba at the age of 17; since then, he has done many expositions in the United States, Europe, and Central America. As an autodidact, he studied many techniques by reading art books filled with biographies and pictures of masters inspiring him to create his own unique style and his own masterpieces. He often cites Van Gogh has being "my hero!"

His art work is very personal in every way: the colors, the buildings, the streets, the plants and the people, are a reflection of urban civilization with a touch of movement that define his artwork, which can be compared to a universe of light and bright colors within a landscape of movement. His style is bold, unique, colorful, and easily recognizable by its elegant curves which is his own, well-defined personal seal.

Ariel Celestino has been featured in several magazines and has appeared on numerous television programs. He has done many murals including a large mural for the Loews Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. In addition to, he has donated many of his art works to charitable not for profit organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Amigos for Kids, and St. Jude Research among others.


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