World Renowned Artists


Zinovy Shersher

Zinovy, who has collaborated with the finest American and European artists and galleries, whose work has been prized by celebrities from Cher to Elizabeth Taylor, and scored “The Hunt for Red October” has recently settled in the expansive mecca of the most exciting, trending city in the world; Las Vegas. 



With a collection that spans over 20 years, Robert Park is one of the finest large format landscape photographers in the world and collected across the globe. Offering his finest rare enlargements in small limited editions to collectors of nature and beauty has created global demand for his artworks.

Gary Welton

Mr. Welton is the recipient of numerous awards and honors and his work has been selected for inclusion in the “Art in Embassies Program” in Reykjavik, Iceland. His work and process - focusing on painting directly from life, using dancers in motion as his primary subjects - has been featured in numerous articles, television and video productions.

Jillian Lee

 Evenings after work I practiced drawing and realized art was my true calling.  I created watercolor illustrations and began receiving commissions from top design firms in New York to Los Angeles.  Shortly after an inspiring return trip to Europe, I started painting on canvas, partnered with my first gallery and left my job to become a professional artist.



Ariel Celestino Hernandez also known as “El Pintor De Las Curvas” was born in Marianao, La Habana, Cuba in 1974. He migrated to the US. in 1999. His art work is very personal in every way: the colors, the buildings, the streets, the plants, and the people are a reflection of urban landscapes with a touch of movement that define his artwork. Ariel's art can be compared to the great Masters - Dali, Van Gogh and Gaudi. His is a universe of light and bright colors injected with whimsy and tongue-in-cheek humor; his  style is unique - bold, clever and easily recognizable by its elegant curves - Ariel's well-defined, personal seal. 

scotty ziegler

Scotty is a master designer and inventor, dedicated to the building of all things cool. When it comes to creation, Scotty doesn’t know how to think inside of the box.



Without a doubt, Bill Mack's creations are strikingly unique in the world of art. Aptly regarded as "The World's Finest Relief Artist", in or out of his studio, Mack is an unusual man and artist, influencing today's world of contemporary art with his extensive talents and creativity.


Tom Blankenship concentrates on golf course landscapes, emphasizing the contours of land and water. He’s painted courses from Turning Stone Resort in upstate New York to Cozumel Country Club in Mexico, but his favorites are along the Grand Strand. His most popular work has been the 17th hole at TPC Myrtle Beach with more than 500 prints sold. 

doug bloodworth

Doug Bloodworth

Doug Bloodworth’s artistic perspective is influenced by a childhood affection for American western classics and the quintessential youth of the American dream. A combination of Pop Art, photography and textural paint strokes, his work was born from inspirations that began when he was a boy, and have grown into the refined craft of photorealism.

Richard j oliver

Oliver's early work focused on his homeland, particularly the struggle of its youth trying to find identity in the aftermath of the local mining industry's demise. His work often showcased the skeleton landscapes of mining villages in the Welsh valleys juxtaposed with contemporary youth.His latest works explore more universal subjects, from environmental issues to humanitarian and social problems that are close to his heart. 


Christian Bergeron

Christian Bergeron has more than fifty years of experience as an artist, whose work continues to have wide popularity and acclaim. He paints often in a prismatic style of landscapes featuring buildings and country sides, still-life, flowers and coastal themes, but his style is in constant evolution.

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"JOEBABY" lives in Delray Beach, Florida, and loves to repurpose anything which can be turned into Art, which he has names "MUSAIC". 

Joe is married to his wife Terry, who inspires him to create beautiful objects through her love of fashion and interior design. 

As an avid music lover, guitar player and collector, he loves to turn broken, unloved, unfixable guitars into Visual Works of Art, that can be displayed, enjoyed, and loved, on walls or on guitar strands.


Howie Green came to international attention as a painter and artist with the publication of his book Jazz Fish Zen: Adventures in Mamboland. His colorful and whimsical artwork has been featured in over 40 group and solo shows and has adorned over 30 public and private murals.

cris woloszak

cris woloszak

Born in New York City, Cris and his family moved to  beautiful South Florida when he was a young boy. 
As with most kids the Florida ocean surf was something he found irresistible and soon Cris found
himself swimming and surfing at the early age of eleven. During his surfing years he would observe
the sharks and sea life around him, at the time little did he know that the subject of his love would be
the growth of his artistic talent.

photo leslie and Luci Hull, MA - Copy.jpg

leslie berenson

As an accomplished and successful painter, Leslie’s work has been compared to the impressionistic style of some of the “old masters” imbued with a touch of fantasy.

Leslie’s work has been featured in numerous art shows and exhibits from New England to Florida, where she has won many prestigious awards and received great acclaim for her work. Much of Leslie’s work today is currently displayed in the homes and offices of many prominent and well respected art collectors and families.

david wight

david wight

"After learning to blow glass, I began making fountains in an attempt to capture the moving water, but still, I desired to do more. I wanted to create a solid sculpture that embodied the essence and movement of water – not just a vessel, but the water itself. I experimented, and eventually began to utilize ancient Italian tools along with new tools I created to achieve the style of glass-work I envisioned."


Jaline pol

Jaline Pol is a very well known French impressionistpainter. She is originally from Northern France and studied at the School of Fine Arts in Paris. Jaline Pol works exclusively with a palette knife using thick layers of paint to create beautiful and peaceful pantings of landscapes and flowers (specially poppies) which are inspired by the many places that she lived and visited, including her beloved France, Norway, Tuscany, Cameroon, New Caledonia, the Middle East and Bora Bora. 


Stephen Muldoon

Born in Cleveland, Stephen Muldoon comes from a family of artists. Largely self-taught, he has traveled extensively in Europe, where he was influenced by the Renaissance, and in Central America.