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Jaline Pol

Jaline Pol is a very well known French impressionistpainter. She is originally from Northern France and studied at the School of Fine Arts in Paris. Jaline Pol works exclusively with a palette knife using thick layers of paint to create beautiful and peaceful pantings of landscapes and flowers (specially poppies) which are inspired by the many places that she lived and visited, including her beloved France, Norway, Tuscany, Cameroon, New Caledonia, the Middle East and Bora Bora. 

A big part of Janile Pol work is the use of bright and vivid colors in an almost monochromatic or duochromatic way, exploring the different shades and contrasts of the same colors and using those colors as a representation of the seasons. She uses yellow to represent spring, red for summer, ochre for autumn and blue for winter. 

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