Jillian Lee

Jillian Lee, painter

Jillian Lee

The rustling trees and glowing stars on a quiet night are my favorite memories growing up in the country.  Born in 1978, I was raised in a small town in Minnesota.  Within a bedroom draped in rose-colored hues, I created a world of anything unabashedly feminine.  I designed costumes and dresses, and found my voice through dance.  Letting myself free in a creative medium was where I belonged.  I was a dreamer.

Studying French history and art history at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis and touring museums throughout Europe opened my eyes to Old World romance.  After college, working with different color palettes drew me to work in interior design for the following decade.  Evenings after work I practiced drawing and realized art was my true calling.  I created watercolor illustrations and began receiving commissions from top design firms in New York to Los Angeles.  Shortly after an inspiring return trip to Europe, I started painting on canvas, partnered with my first gallery and left my job to become a professional artist.

I currently live and work in Minnetonka, Minnesota with my husband and two young daughters.  Being a mother and wife brings continued purpose, vulnerabilities and strengths to my work.


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